When A Case Can Be Appealed

If you received a final administrative decision in which your claim for disability benefits was denied, a Social Security lawyer in Albuquerque may be able to appeal your case to federal court. Unlike other types of appeals, there are only two challenges that a Social Security lawyer Albuquerque can make. Substantial Evidence The first type […]

Good and Bad Days

An Albuquerque Social Security disability attorney can explain that some claimants run into difficulty when they try to explain their condition to the administrative law judge but there is variation in the condition due to some good days and some bad days. A disability Albuquerque lawyer may provide tips to help claimants through this challenging […]

Can a Social Security Lawyer in Albuquerque Appeal a Denial After 60 Days?

What You Can Do If You Have Not Appealed a Denial Within 60 Days If your request for benefits has been denied and you have not appealed within the 60-day time limit, a Social Security lawyer in Albuquerque can help you begin a new application. Unfortunately, you may lose some back-benefits due to bureaucratic delays. […]

Meeting or Equaling a Listing

Albuquerque Social Security disability attorneys can explain that the Social Security Administration uses a variety of precise definitions regarding enumerated impairments. In order to be found disabled at this step in the process, the claimant must meet or equal the medical criteria that states the severity of the impairment that must be experienced in order […]

Doctors’ Questions

As part of representing a claimant, a disability Albuquerque lawyer may field a variety of questions from doctors. These physicians may be asked to provide objective medical opinions about their patients. Here are a few questions and answers that tend to arise in this context. Will I negatively impact my patient’s case if I say […]