Non-Medical Qualifiers

An Albuquerque NM Social Security attorney can explain that there are both medical and non-medical requirements that affect a claimant’s eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. He or she may review the following information with you. Taxes Claimants often want to know how much they must have paid in Social Security taxes before they are […]

SSI and Children

An Albuquerque Disability Lawyer Discusses SSI Benefits for the Disabled Child Unlike the Social Security Administration’s other disability program, Social Security Disability, which essentially acts as insurance for those who have sufficiently paid into the system, Supplemental Security Income is a need-based program that may be available to a person under 18 if he or […]

How Disability Attorneys Albuquerque Can Help You During a Disability Hearing

What You Need to Know about Social Security Hearings If you’re unsure about what to expect, a disability attorney in Albuquerque NM can help you navigate through the process. First, the Social Security Administration does not have fixed guidelines on how a disability hearing should be conducted. Second, each administrative law judge (ALJ) handles hearings […]

Taxability of Railroad Retirement

A Social Security Lawyer Albuquerque on Railroad Retirement Benefits and Taxes Railroad retirement benefits may be comprised of several different components, including: Tier I benefits considered Social Security Equivalent Benefits (SSEB) Tier I benefits considered Non-Social Security Equivalent Benefits (NSSEB) Tier II benefits Vested dual benefits Supplemental annuities Treatment for Federal Tax Purposes For most […]

Stress and Mental Illness

An Albuquerque NM social security lawyer can explain that stress and mental disorders are commonly associated with each other. He or she may provide the following information to help describe this association. Rulings An Albuquerque NM social security lawyer can explain that the Social Security Administration has made a ruling that emphasized the thoroughness necessary […]