Accounting for Medical Expenses

One way that you can assist your Albuquerque Social Security attorney is by keeping track of your medical expenses and records as you prepare for your disability hearing. Your lawyer may give you the following pointers. Request Bills Albuquerque NM Social Security lawyers can explain that the easiest way to keep track of ongoing expenses […]

Initial and Reconsideration Determinations

An Albuquerque disability attorney can walk you through the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits. The process begins with an application that you complete and sign. This application may be submitted online for Social Security disability benefits, but many claimants choose to apply over the phone. While a lawyer may help with the […]

Social Security Disability Requirements

What’s the definition of disability for SSD and SSI? The Social Security Act has strict disability requirements that your New Mexico Social Security disability attorney can discuss with you. According to 42 U.S.C. ยง 423(d), you must meet the following requirements. You must have a physical or mental condition that can be diagnosed using existing […]

Appeals Deadline Explained by Disability Attorneys Albuquerque

The deadline for filing any appeal for Social Security disability rejection, as your disability attorneys Albuquerque will tell you, is 60 days. You should do everything you can to file an appeal within these 60 days. However, if you miss the deadline, there may still be hope. You may be able to ask the Social […]

Testimony at Disability Hearings

An Albuquerque Social Security lawyer can discuss what type of testimony you can expect at your disability hearing. Work History Your disability attorney in Albuquerque may discuss your work history with you. This will include all gainful activity that you completed within the last 15 years. Education Your attorney may ask you about your education, […]