The Essential Role of Your Treating Physician

The doctor responsible for treating your condition plays a crucial role in your Social Security Disability determination. Here’s a rundown of why the SSA takes this opinion so seriously, as explained by Albuquerque NM Social Security attorney Michelle Baca. Why is the treating doctor’s opinion required for a successful claim? The Social Security Administration (SSA) […]

Help With Social Security Appeals

If you have been denied Social Security disability benefits, you might wonder what to do next. You may have heard that winning an appeal is difficult or that you should just quit after an initial rejection. However, applicants can win an appeal, especially with the assistance of a competent attorney. Our Albuquerque NM disability lawyers […]

How Administrative Law Judges Determine Disability

The way in which an administrative law judge determines whether or not someone is disabled is far from straightforward. In many ways, it flies in the face of common sense. For instance, just because you’re unable to get a job, doesn’t mean you will automatically be found to be disabled. To understand how ALJs determine […]

The Right To Appear At Your Hearing In Person

The Social Security Administration encourages claimants to have their hearings by way of video rather than by personal appearance. The SSA’s reason for this is that, in the estimation of some bureaucrats, video hearings are efficient. According to the SSA, a video hearing is the same as a hearing at which the parties make a […]

Social Security Administration Bureaucracy

When you are dealing with an organization like the Social Security Administration, it is very easy to become lost in the sheer size of it. The help of an Albuquerque Social Security lawyer will be extremely valuable in helping you navigate through its twists and turns. The Issues For the individual operating without legal counsel, […]