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When A Case Can Be Appealed


If you received a final administrative decision in which your claim for disability benefits was denied, a Social Security lawyer in Albuquerque may be able to appeal your case to federal court. Unlike other types of appeals, there are only two challenges that a Social Security lawyer Albuquerque can make. Substantial Evidence The first type [...]

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Good and Bad Days


An Albuquerque Social Security disability attorney can explain that some claimants run into difficulty when they try to explain their condition to the administrative law judge but there is variation in the condition due to some good days and some bad days. A disability Albuquerque lawyer may provide tips to help claimants through this challenging [...]

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Can a Social Security Lawyer in Albuquerque Appeal a Denial After 60 Days?


What You Can Do If You Have Not Appealed a Denial Within 60 Days If your request for benefits has been denied and you have not appealed within the 60-day time limit, a Social Security lawyer in Albuquerque can help you begin a new application. Unfortunately, you may lose some back-benefits due to bureaucratic delays. [...]

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Meeting or Equaling a Listing


Albuquerque Social Security disability attorneys can explain that the Social Security Administration uses a variety of precise definitions regarding enumerated impairments. In order to be found disabled at this step in the process, the claimant must meet or equal the medical criteria that states the severity of the impairment that must be experienced in order [...]

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Doctors’ Questions


As part of representing a claimant, a disability Albuquerque lawyer may field a variety of questions from doctors. These physicians may be asked to provide objective medical opinions about their patients. Here are a few questions and answers that tend to arise in this context. Will I negatively impact my patient's case if I say [...]

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Non-Medical Qualifiers


An Albuquerque NM Social Security attorney can explain that there are both medical and non-medical requirements that affect a claimant's eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. He or she may review the following information with you. Taxes Claimants often want to know how much they must have paid in Social Security taxes before they are [...]

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SSI and Children


An Albuquerque Disability Lawyer Discusses SSI Benefits for the Disabled Child Unlike the Social Security Administration’s other disability program, Social Security Disability, which essentially acts as insurance for those who have sufficiently paid into the system, Supplemental Security Income is a need-based program that may be available to a person under 18 if he or [...]

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How Disability Attorneys Albuquerque Can Help You During a Disability Hearing


What You Need to Know about Social Security Hearings If you're unsure about what to expect, a disability attorney in Albuquerque NM can help you navigate through the process. First, the Social Security Administration does not have fixed guidelines on how a disability hearing should be conducted. Second, each administrative law judge (ALJ) handles hearings [...]

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Taxability of Railroad Retirement


A Social Security Lawyer Albuquerque on Railroad Retirement Benefits and Taxes Railroad retirement benefits may be comprised of several different components, including: Tier I benefits considered Social Security Equivalent Benefits (SSEB) Tier I benefits considered Non-Social Security Equivalent Benefits (NSSEB) Tier II benefits Vested dual benefits Supplemental annuities Treatment for Federal Tax Purposes For most [...]

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Stress and Mental Illness


An Albuquerque NM social security lawyer can explain that stress and mental disorders are commonly associated with each other. He or she may provide the following information to help describe this association. Rulings An Albuquerque NM social security lawyer can explain that the Social Security Administration has made a ruling that emphasized the thoroughness necessary [...]

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Accounting for Medical Expenses


One way that you can assist your Albuquerque Social Security attorney is by keeping track of your medical expenses and records as you prepare for your disability hearing. Your lawyer may give you the following pointers. Request Bills Albuquerque NM Social Security lawyers can explain that the easiest way to keep track of ongoing expenses [...]

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Initial and Reconsideration Determinations


An Albuquerque disability attorney can walk you through the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits. The process begins with an application that you complete and sign. This application may be submitted online for Social Security disability benefits, but many claimants choose to apply over the phone. While a lawyer may help with the [...]

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Social Security Disability Requirements


What's the definition of disability for SSD and SSI? The Social Security Act has strict disability requirements that your New Mexico Social Security disability attorney can discuss with you. According to 42 U.S.C. § 423(d), you must meet the following requirements. You must have a physical or mental condition that can be diagnosed using existing [...]

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Appeals Deadline Explained by Disability Attorneys Albuquerque


The deadline for filing any appeal for Social Security disability rejection, as your disability attorneys Albuquerque will tell you, is 60 days. You should do everything you can to file an appeal within these 60 days. However, if you miss the deadline, there may still be hope. You may be able to ask the Social [...]

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Testimony at Disability Hearings


An Albuquerque Social Security lawyer can discuss what type of testimony you can expect at your disability hearing. Work History Your disability attorney in Albuquerque may discuss your work history with you. This will include all gainful activity that you completed within the last 15 years. Education Your attorney may ask you about your education, [...]

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